Queensferry Churches’ Care in the Community is a Company limited by guarantee and accordingly has a Board of Directors.


Chairman: David Pomfret
Company Secretary: Jan Wemyss
Finance Director: Ian Laing
 Members: John Brodie Kim Walker Eileen Case
 Sharon Rutherford Linda Russell  John Ferguson Iain MacDonald
 Andrew Burton Pamela McLaughlin
Barbara Healey  Matt Purdie

Specialist Committees

Ian Laing

Public Relations & Fundraising
David Pomfret, Jan Wemyss, Alistair Rarity, Sue Hodges, Lisa MacKay

Service Development
Eileen Case & Kim Walker

In each case, the first-named acts as convenor and each committee co-opts staff members/volunteers as required.

Board Meetings are also attended from time-to-time by Councillor Lindsay Paterson, Councillor Alastair Shields, Councillor Norman Work and council link worker Maggie Scrugham. We continue to benefit from their on-going interest in, and commitment to, our work.